Young Life

Oil on Linen
78 x 108

Painted while on a Pew, I was consciously doing a riff on “American Gothic”. My nephew Grant and his girlfriend posed for studies in front of my father’s old Chevy pickup. I morphed his girlfriend quite a bit. Grant’s father had brought deer he’d shot like trophies into our livingroom in cardboard boxes while he was courting my sister. I remember old black and white photos in the Ledger-Enquirer of my father with deer across the hood of his truck. This was painted in ChaddsFord. I found a dead deer, road kill, along Route 100. I put it in my trunk and slid it up the hill, splaying it across a large old stump outside the studio barn door, painting it in several quick days. It is a doe. It’s tail is embedded behind glass in the frame like a relic in a Cornell box. The gun was inspired by Lee Harvey Oswald’s pose with his rifle when he shot JFK. There’s a darker undercurrent of the painting, which was the era Bo grew up in. There is mud that’s splattered, and blood on the pants and on the hands from the deer. The innocence of the deer represents the loss of innocence. Religous and tribal undertones are symbolized with the deer arching over the figures resembling The Holy Family.The painting is on loan to Ogden Museum of Southern Art @ogdenmuseum