Artistic Ability

ARTISTIC ABILITY is art based programming for disabled adults, ages 18 to 70, held in collaboration with New Horizons Behavioral Health at the Columbus Service Center, a day center, located at 2401 Buena Vista Road, Columbus. The curriculum for AA is designed and led by Geri Davis, BAA, Auburn University, and trained volunteers. This volunteer team has been together since the program started. Class/volunteer ratio is one to one and this is our third year of working with AA.

Highlights: The first ARTISTIC ABILITY Exhibition was held in March 2017 at the Columbus Museum. All participants received a Certificate.

Goals of the program: Introduce creativity, develop eye-hand coordination skills and special abilities, gain recognition and confidence through joy driven hands-on painting projects, and promote happiness.

Class times: Each Thursday in 4-week increments, from 9 am to 12:30 pm.

Upcoming Exhibition: The third exhibition of paintings by ARTISTIC ABILITY adults is scheduled to be held in The Bo Bartlett Center in March 2019, during Developmental Disabilities Month.

Annual Talent Show: For the first time, the Service Center Talent Show will be held in March 2019, at the BBC Tentative dates: March 14th or March 21st, 2019.