Hughston Foundation Art Gala

The Hughston Foundation Art Gala for the Biologically Inclined is perfect for students who would like to unmask the exciting world of art and science. This biological and medically inspired art contest encourages students to create artwork while integrating the principle areas of the national STEAM initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics).

The Hughston Foundation Art Gala for the Biologically Inclined was created to support the national STEAM initiative. The Hughston Foundation Art Gala helps students learn by integrating these principle areas. The fields of biological and medical illustration, collectively known as scientific illustration, use artwork as visual tools of communication solely for the service of education. The production of illustrations of measured accuracy, conceptualized illustrations, and animations are created to enable communication between scientist and author, teacher and student, or physician and patient. Because they communicate subtleties and eliminate ambiguities of language, scientific illustrations are an important, often necessary, element in precise communication in scientific education.

2019 Best in Show Winners:

Middle School

Alexiss Latorre (8th Grade)

Title: Chemical Reaction

A clay model of a skull.

High School

Philip Walker (12th Grade)

Title: Starts at the Bones

This is an oil painting that examines the depth of who a person is. The bones represent the structure of the person, their basic foundation and the face represents the emotions that build through their genetic nature and being.


2020 Best in Show Winners:

Middle School

Mary Ann Kim (8th Grade)

Title: Won’t Sleep

This piece is based on the idea of sleep, or rather, the lack of it. While I myself don’t particularly struggle with nightmares. I’ve definitely had a few nights where I’ve stayed up until 2am looking at realistic horror Photoshop from Trevor Henderson (artist). I decided to take some inspiration from those photos and use it in myself portrait assignment.

High School

Jakobe Davis (11th Grade)

Title: Back Muscle Anatomy

Description: I decided to do the human back anatomy as my piece for the gala. On the left side of the drawing, the person is more relaxed in a standing position, but on the right side the person is flexing, causing more muscle to show compared to the right side. I did a pretty basic background so that it wouldn’t take away from the piece.


2021 Best in Show Winners:

Middle School

Autumn Montroy (6th Grade)

Title: MiMi and Riggs

Drawing of a pregnant body with drawing of baby heart muscles

High School

Hailey Jackson (11th Grade)

Title: The Courageous One

I painted a piece based off of the struggle of the Coronavirus that nurses and doctors (have been) are now facing. The flowers are to how the beauty of them being brave enough to help others in this hard time.