LaGrange Art Museum

The Bo Bartlett Center at Columbus State University has dedicated space in the Woodruff Lobby to serve as a spotlight for our national and regional partner in arts. The concept for this project is to showcase some of the best artworks from our partner’s collections and to develop a synergy between these arts organizations that will lift and raise awareness about the creative community in Columbus. It’s our pleasure to continue this project with our partner LaGrange Art Museum to exhibit and showcase work from their collection.

The pieces featured on this wall, highlight the museum’s permanent collection of over thirty works on paper created at the Rolling Stone Press. One of the few hand lithography ateliers in the Southeast, the Rolling Stone Press offered local, regional, and international artists the opportunity to collaborate with master printmaker Wayne Kline. Kline persuaded over sixty different artists (many who had never made a print and were hesitant about the process) to investigate the possibilities of lithography. Together they made 125 prints over a period of twenty years. These two prints are by female artists that worked with Kline and highlight the vibrancy of contemporary visual arts in Georgia. 


Mercy, Mercy, Me by Stephanie Jackson


Stephanie Jackson (b. 1958), an associate professor of art at the University of Georgia, presents the African-American experience through figurative painting. In her work, she combines culture with an interest in various elements of African-American history. Her distinctive style often contains surreal techniques that speak to the unconscious and the bizarre.


Elvis Prayer Rug by Joni Mabe


Joni Mabe (b. 1957) is a native of Georgia; she has lived in Athens and Cornelia, Georgia. She is the creator of the Everything Elvis Museum. Her family home is in Cornelia, Georgia, the site of the Laudermilk Boarding House, which is on the National Register of Historic Places and contains both her own family memorabilia and an extensive personal collection of Elvis Presley collectibles and artifacts. She is a Master of Fine Arts recipient from the University of Georgia.