America on Paper: Selections from the Cochran Collection

Wesley Cochran began collecting in 1973 with the purchase of Romare Bearden’s The Family. Since then, he and his wife and collecting partner, Missy, have amassed a collection of several hundred artworks focused on African-American artists, Andy Warhol, and 20th-centruy graphics. Their collection, based in LaGrange, Georgia, has toured many American museums and university galleries. This is the first exhibition from the collection that draws from each of the three discreet bodies of work.

The Cochran Collection documents some of the most compelling American art executed in the 20th Century. Works by most of the noted and recognized artists (Warhol, Rosenquist, Johns, Blackburn, Barnet, Gilliam, Picasso and many others) are represented here. These works are a profound documentation of the 20th Century’s American social and cultural scene. The selections chosen for The Cochran Collection are reflections of the last half of the last century and manage to point toward what we might expect in and from the art world in this new millennium. The Pop, African-American, Abstract, Representational, Realist, Non-representational, and women artists in The Cochran Collection, portray America’s overall popular attitudes, definitions, divisions, and directions. These are some of the factors making The Cochran Collection one of the most significant private art collections in the United States today.

This exhibition is made possible by the support of Jimmy and Ruth Yancey.