Bo Bartlett: 40 Years of Drawing

January 22 – March 20, 2021

From the ceilings of ancient caves to the ceiling of the Sistine chapel, art has always been an essential part of human life. Whether it be for shamanistic purposes, to tell a story, or simply to record an observation the images we weave together are our attempts to reconcile the tension between our interior world and the world we live in; the objective experience and the subjective perception of our experience. This is the starting point of art, and drawing is the first visible manifestation of the union between these worlds.

The collection of works gathered here mark the first major exhibition of Bo Bartlett’s drawings. These works span forty years of the artist’s career, revealing an intimate peek into a side of the artists’ life and oeuvre rarely seen by the public. It contains not only drawings in graphite, but also more colorful works in gouache. The drawings strike a potent counterpoint to the larger-than-life paintings that have defined Bo’s career. As much as some of these drawings may reveal the embryonic stages of larger ideas, these works are not intended as a means to an end. They are autonomous records, existing as their own articulations and representations of movement in time.

SPONSORS OF 40 Years of Drawing Catalog:

Pat S. & Thelon A. Hamby III
Amandah S. & John T. Turner