Figure Drawings Over 40 Years: Works by Bruno Civitico

One of the most important artists of the Neoclassical Figurative revival movement, Bruno Civitico was born in northern Italy and emigrated to the United States as a teenager. He earned a BFA at Indiana University and Masters Degree of Fine Art at the Pratt Institute. He was visiting artist at Princeton University and a Professor on the art faculty of The University of New Hampshire, a position he resigned in the mid 1980’s to paint full time.

Civitico emerged as a young artist when abstraction dominated contemporary art and choose to pursue the traditional subjects of landscape, still life, and the human figure in approaches ranging from a direct perceptual realism to a highly mannered Neoclassicism. Drawing on his Italian heritage, Civitico combined traditional subject matter with a complex cubist derived space and contributed, as both an artist and a teacher, to the figurative revival of the Postmodern era.

Drawing has always been a daily practice for Civitico. His natural approach to line, like his paintings, follows traditional subject matter in a variety of styles. Some of the works included herein are preliminary studies for large paintings, quick sketches of germinal ideas for further articulation or drawing as a complete end in itself. The drawings are grouped in the subjects of portraiture, female figures, male figures and group compositions.

Civitico currently lives and maintains a studio in Charleston, South Carolina