Virtual Panel Discussion: Music as Image and Metaphor at the Bo Bartlett Center

This is going to be a panel discussion with the following individuals:

Curators of the exhibition: David W. Houston currently the Director of the Ohr O’Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi, Mississippi and Florence Neal is Co-Founder and Director of Kentler International Drawing Space in Brooklyn, New York.
Composers: pianist Michael Kowalski and percussionist Allen Otte.
Artist and Professor of Art, Hannah Israel

The discussion will center on the exhibition at the Bartlett Center, Music as Image and Metaphor. The exhibit brings together forty-one works by twenty-eight artists from the Kentler Flatfiles focused on the theme of music. The theme of music-as-image includes works that were directly inspired by or are illustrative of sound art, while the image-as-metaphor theme encompasses a diverse group of works that, directly or indirectly, reflect the structure and artistic goals of musical composition and improvisation. We will also discuss the suite of one-minute musical responses to each graphic work, specially created by Michael Kowalski and Allen Otte for the installation at the Center.